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Call for Abstracts for Gothenburg 2013 (ICSH-IAHS Workshops)
Call for Abstracts for Gothenburg 2013 (ICSH-IAHS Workshops)


The IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI Scientific Assembly to be held in Gothenburg on 22-26 July 2013.

during the Assembly the ICSH-IAHS will sponsor:

HPS1: Advanced Statistical Methods for Hydrology, Oceanography and Seismology
Convener: Salvatore Grimaldi (Italy)
Co-Conveners: Thomas Bodin (USA), Amir Khan (Switzerland), Jan Dettmer (Canada), Eugene Kulikov (Russia), Simon-Michael Papalexiou (Greece)

Hw10: Adaptive water resources management - system design and operation (see the flyer)
Convener: Barry Croke (Australia)
Co-Conveners: Uwe Haberlandt (Germany), Alla Kolechkina (Netherlands), Ronald van Nooijen (Netherlands)

Hw14: Regional modelling in hydrology using statistical tools
Convener: András Bárdossy
Co-Conveners: Emna Gargouri (Tunisia), Salvatore Grimaldi (Italy), Luis Samaniego (Germany)

Hw15: Testing simulation and forecasting models in non-stationary conditions
Convener: Vazken Andreassian (France)
Co-Conveners: Sandra Ardoin-Bardin (France), Valérie Estupina-Borrell (France), Francesco Laio (Italy), Julien Lerat (Australia), Charles Perrin (France), Olga Semenova (Russia)

I hope to meet many of you in Gothenburg!!

Submission deadline: 4 Febraury 2013

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