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Taormina 2010


Advances in Statistical Hydrology

Taormina (Sicily), Italy
May 23-25, 2010

The workshop involved 28 oral contributions and 30 posters and was attended by 80 people from 24 countries.

Two really interesting invited lectures were held by prof. Vijay Singh and Prof. Jose D. Salas on entropy theory and long memory linear modeling.

Particularly interesting was the round table, managed by prof. G. Rossi, in memory of Prof. V. Yevjevich. Many colleagues gave their contribution either about the extraordinary life and about the research activity of this father of hydrology.

All the participants delivered interesting presentations underlined by a rich discussion.

Following the oral session a discussion was stimulated with the aim to identify future topics to potentially include in the STAHY initiatives. Among others it was clear that it could be useful to include in the next initiatives:

time series analysis, long range dependence, linear and non linear modelling, uncertainty analysis, regionalization procedures.



A special thanks to the University of Catania, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for the wonderful organization and warm hospitality, in particular to:

Antonino Cancelliere, Giuseppe Rossi, David J. Peres, Antonio Castano, Sandra Lazzarini, Leila Castiglione, Brunella Bonaccorso and Vincenzo Nicolosi.

Thanks also to the (CNR - Ufficio Pubblicazioni ed Informazioni Scientifiche:; that hosts the video collection of the workshop.





Welcome by University of Catania
Luigi Fortuna, Dean of Engineering School

Welcome by IAHS representative
Pierre Hubert, General Secretary of IAHS
Annual STAHY working group report
Salvatore Grimaldi, Chair of STAHY working group
Workshop presentation
Antonino Cancelliere, President of Local Organizing Committee & STAHY member


Round table
“The legacy of Prof. V. Yevjevich”         
(see the video of round table)

Tina Dasic, Jovan Despotovic, Jasna Plavsic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Jose D.  Salas
, Colorado State University , USA
Vijay P. Singh, Texas A and M University, India  (download the pdf presentation)
Francisco Gomide,  Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil
Geoff  Pegram University of KwaZulu-Natal , South Africa
Giuseppe Rossi, Università degli Studi di Catania, Italy


Invited lecture: Prof. V.P. Singh "Hydrologic Synthesis using entropy theory"
(see the video of the presentation)

Session I: Non stationarity and changes in hydrology
Chairman: Demetris Koutsoyiannis 
(download the pdf file with the tribute to Vit Klemes)
(see the video of the session introduction)

Abrate, Hubert and Sighomnou

A study on the hydrological annual time series of the Niger River
(see the video of the presentation)


The detection of weekly preferential occurrences in rainfall
(see the video of the presentation)

Mehrotra, Johnson, Westra and Sharma

Climate change impacts at the catchment scale: The need for GCM nested bias correction and stochastic downscaling
(see the video of the presentation)

Sunyer, Madsen and Yamagata

On the use of statistical downscaling for assessing climate change impacts on hydrology
(download the pdf presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)

Session II: Fitting and uncertainty assessment in statistical hydrological model

Chairman: Geoff Pegram

Das and Cunnane

Examination of homogeneity of selected Irish pooling groups
(see the video of the presentation)


A Multiple Threshold Method for fitting the Generalized Pareto Distribution
(download the pdf presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)

Papalexiou, Koutsoyiannis and Montanari

Mind the bias!         

(download the pdf presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)

Thyer, Renard, Kavetski and Kuczera

Can hydrological model predictions be improved by developing streamflow measurement error models using rating curve data?
(see the video of the presentation)

Weijs and Van de Giesen

Information theory, uncertainty and risk for evaluating hydrologic predictions 

(download the pdf presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)

Westra and Sharma

An upper limit to seasonal precipitation predictability?
(see the video of the presentation)

Markiewicz, Strupczewski and Kochanek

On accuracy of upper quantiles estimation 

(download the pdf presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)


Session III: Time series analysis and multivariate methods for hydrological modelling and forecasting
Chairman: Baldassare Bacchi

Bardossy and Pegram

Interpolation and simulation of Daily Rainfall observations based on Copulas and Circulation Pattern
(see the video of the presentation)

De Michele and Salvadori

Multivariate Extreme Value models in hydrology: a copula approach 
(see the video of the presentation)

Mediero, Garrote and Jiménez

Design flood hydrographs from the relationship between flood peak and volume 
(see the video of the presentation)

Vandenberghe, Verhoest and De Baets

Properties and performance of a copula-based design storm generator
(download the pdf presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)

De Luca and Versace

Stochastic models for rainfall nowcasting
(see the video of the presentation)

De Souza, Da Serra Costa, Xavier, Piñeiro Maceira and Machado Damázio

PREVIVAZ – Improving Weekly Streamflow Time Series Forecasts with the Current Hydrologic State of the River Basin
(download the presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)

Bacchi and Balistrocchi         

Assessing the dependence of rainfall variables by copula functions
(see the video of the presentation)


Session IV: Analysis and modelling of hydrological processes
Chairman: Pierre Hubert


Roth, Ghizzoni and Rudari
Multivariate skew-t description of flood events 
(see the video of the presentation)


Montesarchio, Russo, Napolitano, Lombardo and Baldini
Study on the rainfall dependence structure using radar and rain gauge data

(download the pdf presentation)
(see the video of the presentation)


Oueslati, De Girolamo, Abouabdillah and Lo Porto
Attempts to flow regime classification and characterisation in Mediterranean streams
(see the video of the presentation)         


Pui, Westra and Sharma 
How does the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and other climate modes affect multi-scale temporal rainfall variability in East Australia?      
(see the video of the presentation)

Wang, Onof and Maksimović

Analysis of sub-daily rainfall sequences based upon a deterministic multiplicative cascade method 

(see the video of the presentation)


Invited lecture: Prof. J.D. Salas "Hydrologic variability and change: the role of stochastic hydrology"
(see the video of the presentation)


Session V: Extreme events in geophysical processes
Chairman: Witold G. Strupczewski


Lee and Ouarda
Use of Empirical Mode Decomposition for the prediction of hydrometeorological extremes
(see the video of the presentation)


Botero and Francés 
Comparison of high return period flood-quantiles estimated with upper bounded distribution functions, including Non Systematic information. Application to Mediterranean rivers  
(see the video of the presentation)    


Rossi, Garrote and Caporali          
Probabilistic definition of drought risk indicators for water supply systems in Central Tuscany
(see the video of the presentation)    



Montesarchio and Napolitano
A single-site rainfall disaggregation model based on entropy  
(see the video poster interview) 

Boccafoschi and Rejtano

Flood predictions downstream of a river confluence by bivariate analysis of incoming flows   


Peres, Nicolosi, Foti and Cancelliere
Significant wave height time series reconstruction by neural networks and reanalysis data
(see the video poster interview)   


Bonaccorso, Cancelliere, Rossi
Effect of trends on the estimation of hydrological quantiles     


Buttafuoco, Caloiero and Coscarelli
Assessing spatial uncertainty of reference evapotranspiration using stochastic simulation in southern Italy (Calabria
region)    (download the pdf poster)


Plavcova and Kyselý
Are biases in daily precipitation statistics in climate model simulations conditioned by large-scale atmospheric circulation?   

De Michele, Vezzoli, Pecora and Zenoni
Multivariate frequency analysis of droughts via copulas   
(see the video poster interview)


Dias Jardim Penna, Pineiro, Machado Damazio
Definition of the streamflow scenario tree for long-term operation planning studies of hydrothermal power generation system
(download the pdf poster)
(see the video poster interview)


Ranzi, Barontini, Ferri and Bacchi
A stochastic approach to assess hydro-geotechnical uncertainty in flood risk mapping
(see the video poster interview)   

Rianna, Russo and Napolitano

Using the Stochastic Index method for calculation of flow duration curves on ephemeral basins
(see the video poster interview)       


Ellouze-Gargouri and Bargaoui
Sensitivity analysis using multivariate approach for a rainfall–runoff model of Geomorphological Unit Instantaneous Hydrograph type
(see the video poster interview)   


Fatichi, Ivanov and Caporali
Simulating hydro-meteorological variables across a range of temporal scales with a Weather Generator   


Ridolfi, Montesarchio, Russo, Napolitano and Lombardo
Evaluation of rainfall network using entropy over the urban area of Rome


Fernández and Quiroga
Analysing hydrological risk and water policies implications on crop production in the Ebro River basin in Spain
(see the video poster interview)   


Rossi, De Luca, Furcolo, Villani and Vitolo
Extreme rainfall and floods in a Mediterranean area 
  (download the pdf poster)


Ganora, Laio and Claps
An approach to propagate streamflow statistics along the river network 
(see the video poster interview)  


Sebastianelli, Russo and Napolitano

Comparison between radar and rain gauges data at different distances from radar and correlation existing between the rainfall values in the adjacent pixels
(see the video poster interview)     


Tomei, Antolini, Tomozeiu, Pavan, VIllani, Marletto,
Analisys of precipitation in Emilia Romagna (Italy) and impacts of climate change

Gregersen, Arnbjerg-Nielsen and Madsen

Parametric analysis of regional trends in observed extreme rainfall in Denmark  
(download the pdf poster)
(see the video poster interview) 

Hassanzadeh, Eslamian, Abdolhosseini and Grimaldi
Application of L-moment for Estimation of Quantile Mixtures   
(download the pdf poster)


Van den Berg, Vandenberghe, De Baets and Verhoest
Copula-based scaling of rainfall fields
(see the video poster interview)   


Van Nooijen and Kolechkina
A comparison of fitting methods and tests for several distributions on computer generated samples  
(download the pdf poster)
(see the video poster interview)


Van Nooijen, Gubareva and Kolechkina
A comparison of fitting methods and tests for several distributions on hydrological data  
(download the pdf poster)


Viola, Noto, Cannarozzo and La Loggia
Regional flow duration curves for ungauged sites in Sicily   
(download the pdf poster)
(see the video poster interview)


Kochanek, Strupczewski and Markiewicz
Conquer the impossibility! How to derive the linear moments for distributions inexpressible in inverse form
(see the video poster interview)   


Vircavs and Veinbergs
Modelling of groundwater level fluctuations in agricultural monitoring stations with conceptual two dimensional mathematical model METUL   

(download the pdf poster)
(see the video poster interview) 


Kysely, Gaal, Beranova and Plavcova
Estimating precipitation extremes in climate change simulations by the region-of-influence method   


Volpi, Lombardo and Napolitano
Study on scaling regimes of rainfall time-series from a dense raingage network
(see the video poster interview)    


Laio, Allamano and Claps
Revisiting the maximum-value test for the frequency analysis of extreme events
(download the pdf poster)


Westra, Mehrotra, Sharma and Srikanthan
Continuous Rainfall Simulation: Estimation at Ungauged Location 




Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare

Institute for Environmental Protection and Research

 Honors Center of Italian Universities - H2CU 
Sapienza University of Rome

University of Tuscia,
Viterbo, Italy


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