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Report "Water 2010"

The STAHY working group co-sposored two sessions during the Conference "Water 2010 - Hydrology, hydraulics and Water Resources in an Uncertain Environment" held in Quebec City on July 5-7, 2010:

Regional frequency analysis of hydrological variables
Convener : Taha B.M.J. Ouarda

Oral presentations:

"Peak flow determination at ungauged sites"
Simon Nolin ( , Jean Gauthier ( Benoit Ruest

"Impacts of the inclusion of linear and non-linear baseflow recession parameters in a regional low flow model"
Christian Charron (, Taha BMJ Ouarda

"Statistical valuation of extraordinary flood events at ungauged sites in regional flood frequency analyses"
Eric Gaume (, O. Payrastre, Ch.C. Nguyen, L. Gaal, A. Viglione, J. Szolgay and G. Bloschl


"Flood frequency estimates at ungauged sites as derived from probabilistic regional envelope curves"
Mauro Naghettini (, José Alexandre, Pinto Coelho Filho

"Regional Bivariate frequency Analysis of Meteorological Droughts"
Arman Ganji (, Maryam Mirakbari

Multivariate frequency analysis of hydrological variables
Convener: Fateh Chebana

Oral presentations:

"Infilling Missing Daily Precipitation Data at Multiple Sites Using Multivariate Truncated Normal Distribution Model"
Wai Wah Ng (, Umed Panu
(download the presentation)

"A New Rainfall Storm Classification Index"
Erik Jobin (, Ioan Nistor, Daniel Jobin, Sid Lodewyk
(download the presentation)

"Multivariate quantiles with hydrological applications"
Fateh Chebana (, Taha B.M.J. Ouarda
(download the presentation)

Some Pictures from the sessions

Christian Charron

Fateh Chebana

Eric Gaume

Erik Jobin

Simon Nolin

Wai Wah Ng & Fateh Chebana




Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare

Institute for Environmental Protection and Research

 Honors Center of Italian Universities - H2CU 
Sapienza University of Rome

University of Tuscia,
Viterbo, Italy


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