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REPORT of STAHY-WG Session at EGU Scientific Assembly

During the European Geophysical Union – EGU Scientific Assembly the third iniziative promoted by STAHY Working Group was held in Vienna on April 20th.
STAHY WG sponsored the session “Recent Development of Statistical Tools for Hydrological Application” characterized by 11 posters and 10 oral contributions (listed below).
The major contribution topics were related to Singular System Analysis, Bayesian Sprectral Likelihood, Wavelets and Inference procedure for estreme value analysis.
Many types of applications were presented using different data sets (Rainfall, Runoff, Nitrate concentration).
Particular interesting were the contribution of Dr. K. H. Hamed on Kendall test and time series persistence influence on it.

Vienna, April 20th, 2009
Salvatore Grimaldi


EGU 2009 – Session HS2.3
Recent development of statistical tools for hydrological application
Convener: S. Grimaldi | Co-Conveners: A. Cancelliere, M. Gebremichael, D. Koutsoyiannis


P. Carl and H. Behrendt “Functional streamflow disaggregation - modern variations on a classical theme” (presentation)

H. Lange and L. Gudmundsson “Singular System Analysis with missing values: theoretical performance and application to hydrological time series” (presentation)

L. Gudmundsson, H, Lange, L.M. Tallaksen, and K. Stahl “Quantification of Europe-wide streamflow complexity and potential links to atmospheric circulation patterns” (presentation)

K. H. Hamed “Effect of Persistence on the Significance of Kendall Tau” (presentation)

B. Schaeßi and D. Kavetski “Bayesian Spectral Likelihood for Hydrology”

A. Viglione, E. Gaume, L. Ga‡l, G. Bloschl, and J. Szolgay “The index-flood method in a Bayesian perspective: sensitivity to regional heterogeneity”

R. Hut and N. van de Giesen “Revealing structure in large MIMO-LTI systems using a network approach” (presentation)

Y. Gao, S. Archfield, and R. Vogel “Estimation of Daily Streamflow Series at Ungaged Sites in the Semi-arid Volta Basin of West Africa”

K. Bogner, J. Thielen, M. Kalas, and A. de Roo “Error correction of a hydrological forecasting system by the use of State-Space models in the Wavelet domain”

M.K. Shahzad, F. Lindenmaier, J. Ihringer, E.J. Plate, and F. Nestmann “Statistical Flood Forecasting for the Mekong River”


M. C. Casper and M. Herbst “Assessing the accuracy of simulated peak discharges using Self Organizing Maps” (poster)

A. Viglione “Software for Regional Frequency Analysis: the R package nsRFA”

R.R.P. van Nooijen and A.G. Kolechkina “Interval Analysis as a tool to reliably find the global Maximum of the Log Likelihood” (poster)

G. Sciuto, B. Bonaccorso, A. Cancelliere, and G. Rossi “Statistical quality control of daily precipitation data” (poster)

S. K. Singh, Sachin Patil, and A. Bardossy “Multivariate Logistic Model to estimate Effective Rainfall for an Event”

K Roscoe and F. Diermanse. “Use of Projected Mean Discharge Values for Estimating Future Flood Risk”

G. Calenda and E. Volpi “Efficiency of model selection criteria in flood frequency analysis”

B. Lopez, N. Baran, B. Bourgine, and D. Ratheau “Identification of nitrate long term trends in Loire-Brittany river district (France) in connection with hydrogeological contexts, agricultural practices and water table level variations”

R. Hut and N. van de Giesen “Revealing structure in large MIMO-LTI systems using a network approach”

P. Carl, K. Gerlinger, F.F. Hattermann, V. Krysanova, C. Schilling, and H. Behrendt “Functional streamflow disaggregation: Performance for headwater catchments from lowlands to alpine”

Samiran Das “Characteristics of Irish Flood Flows

Bettina Schaefli and Demetris Koutsoyiannis

Alberto Viglione

Rolf Hut


K. Bogner

M.K. Shahzad

Salvatore Grimaldi and Demetris Koutsoyiannis          

G. Sciuto

Roland van Nooijen, Salvatore Grimaldi  and Alla Kolechkina

Samiran Das

Peter Carl

Elena Volpi and Rolf Hut



Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare

Institute for Environmental Protection and Research

 Honors Center of Italian Universities - H2CU 
Sapienza University of Rome

University of Tuscia,
Viterbo, Italy


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